Who are we?

We are a pool of highly trained and experienced individuals who have served at various levels of society and have excelled in our fields.  More importantly though is the fact that we are all entrepreneurs. We are a dedicated group that has grown because of our determination to succeed.

Unisol Business Services is your “one stop” Management Consulting and Accounting firm.  The firm was born out of what we saw as a need for business in Jamaica to have access to expert advice and assistance without having to pay the high costs associated with permanent employment. Our concept evolved from the question “why buy when you can lease”?

Why do we exist?

  • Your need for efficient accounting service
  • Recent emphasis on compliance
  • Harsh economic environment necessitates proper professional assistance for you to succeed
  • Provides you with accurate information to help to make informed decisions

Why Unisol?

  • Look no further – your only stop
  • Backed by more than a century of experience
  • Personalized service – one size does not fit all
  • We have learnt from the classroom, our business and our former employees & employers
  • Our expansive network of professionals and partners puts you in touch with whatever product or service  your business needs
  • Our Guardian Angel Plan - For as little as $25,000 per month you can have 24hr access  to our expertise to assist with your business operation.
  • Outsourcing your accounting operation to Unisol gives you top quality reporting at a fraction of the cost.
  • Our tailored training sessions will increase your productivity
  • There have been Friday mornings when we also did not know how our employees would get paid

No business is too large or too small for us. Whatever your business need might be we are here ready and waiting to be your helping hand. Call us @ 622-7926

The Team


Robert G. McLeggon

An Chartered Accountant and holds a MBA in finance from the Manchester Business School.

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Newton N. Newland

Graduated from Utech (formerly cast) and went to work at Capleton Jones and Company.

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